I am looking for work in the biotech industry. I work at a spa doing massage on friday nights and saturdays. Do I have to list this on my resume? Is not lisiting this job a material omission? I really dont want to highlight my massage work on my resume but dont want to lie or do anything that could negativeley impact me getting a biotech job.


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Robert has worked at a manufacturing plant in the mid west but the company has closed and moved operations to China. There are biotech jobs in Cambridge, MA, but that is not much solace to Robert. He is:

a. structurally unemployed
b.seasonally unemployed
c. cycically unemployed
d.not in the labor froce
e. frictionally unemployed


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I posted a question regarding Pharmaceutical & Biotech jobs in Australia, however, I was told that most of those jobs MOVED TO SINGAPORE….

I wanted to get an idea of how the job market is right now in Singapore. Right now in the US things are pretty bad as far as the economy goes. And it is really difficult to find a job right now. I have experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry.

I’d like to know how is the job market in Singapore at this time? Specifically in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry?


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Does anyone know how or where we can apply for jobs at dubiotech, like is there some specific recruiting firm I need to send my resume to?

Or does anyone know of a legit employment agency that will find me a biotech job in Dubai or the Gulf in general? I am a recent Canadian BSc grad, with 0 yrs experience, looking for my first job. Thanks.


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Hi I’m joining the air force and I’m really want the Biotech job. I’m just wondering what are my chances of getting it.
I’m fine with getting other jobs but this one is on the top of my list so I’m just curious. Thanks
Oh and I already know about the 40 percent at meps and 60 at basic.. I want some more info than that lol


I’m 28 years old and have 2 kids w/ 1 one on the way. I have a degree in Biology but I hate all the biotech jobs I’ve had ever since graduating. I am planning on taking part-time automotive classes while trying to find a job at jiffy lube or something.


How do you find a Pharmaceutical/Biotech job in Singapore? I am currently living in the United States and would like to work in Singapore. Can anyone tell me how to find a job there from here? I think it would be a great experience. A growing economy, a different culture, and a new experience.

Can anyone give me advice on job searching there? Also, what is it like to live there as an American?


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